What Does Arrangedly do for My Organization?

Arrangedly is a simple-to-use tool that offers cohesion of communication cohesion for large organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and even couples!

The tool was designed to express tasks within categories (boards), arrange these tasks (if a hierarchy is necessary), address them in a group setting at the convenience of all users (with the added convenience of an all device friendly application), and then store the completed tasks in an archive for retrieval when necessary.

Why Are the Tasks Color Coded?

The tasks are color coded in order to provide hierarchy. Admittedly, some categories of work have tasks that need not be addressed in a formal order. If the case, color can be dismissed as a value.

Arrangedly is simply a tool; it is not a bureaucratic "instiller" of any work philosophy. It's a tool that is put to use in a variety of ways by a thousands of workers. For those who require a task hierarchy within their boards, the color spectrum exists. For those who don't, it's just an aesthetic patina of no value.

Will Updates to Tasks Be Communicated to My Email? Or Will I Have to Log in to Check for Updates?

Tasks (and updates to tasks) in any boards (categories) in which you are deemed a member are automatically sent to you via an email notice.

Should you choose not to receive messages, you have two options: 1) Choose not to receive email message at the task level; or 2) Choose not to receive email messages at the account level.

Do the Archived Tasks Eventually Disappear?

Archived tasks are preserved in your account database for as long as your account status remains active.

Can I Change the Color of the Task Boards?

The arrangement of the boards alters the gradient of the color, while the 'Priority' of the card places the card within a color spectrum. These colors are hard coded into the application.

If We Reach Our Data Maximum as an Organization, Can We Delete Old Archived Files to Free Space?

Yes, data can be freed up by the deletion of unnecessary files. The primary user of data is file storage, not communication.

Is Arrangedly Mobile Responsive?

Yes, Arrangedly is mobile responsive.

It was built to be used on any device, and it will be maintained to do just that as technological advances continue.

What's the Member Minimum or Maximum?

There is no minimum or maximum when it comes to team membership. Although the 30 day trial offer does limit accounts to 20 users, user numbers are not limited in any way for Arrangedly's paying clients.

We are seeing use of the tool by individuals who are looking to keep their professional lives organized; while at the same time we are seeing large scale use by companies mindful of the value of efficient and simple-to-use collaboration tools.

Can Certain Members of My Organization Be Blocked from Boards?

Certain members can be blocked from 'Boards' at the creation of the board. If, for instance, billing is something you, as the administrator of the Arrangedly account for your company, would like to keep between just a handful of employees, at the creation of the 'Billing Board,' you would check off only the names of those individuals. Anyone not included would lack access to that board, as well as the tasks created within the board.

Can Usage Levels of Members be Individualized?

Pricing is determined by organizational usage, not individual usage.

Should this become a common concern for our user base, we'll address this as a business concern in the future.