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The World's Simplest Task Manager

Arrangedly's task cards allow you to organize and prioritize your projects with ease.









Why All the Fuss About Arrangedly?

Can It Really By Learned By Anyone In Just Two Minutes?

benefits of product

Easy as Pie

Arrangedly was built to be the most simple collaboration tool possible. If you or any members of your team aren't the most technically fluent people in the world, have no fear!

benefits of product

Works on All Devices

Take work on the go and move the constant juggle of meetings, calls, text, and video chats, into a seamless and simple dashboard for collaboration.

benefits of product

Drives Efficiency

Everything work related organized, arranged, completed, and stored in a single place. Whether it be a two member partnership or a two thousand member organization, Arrangedly simplifies workflow.


Create Boards for Categories of Work

Create boards that speak to the general needs of your business. These can be based on categories of work, or, if you simply want to manage the workflow of members of your organization, these boards can be named after individuals or teams.

Two things worth noting:

  • Boards can be seen by as many members of the organization as the creator of the board determines
  • Boards can be deleted if the category of work is no longer necessary to manage.

Create Tasks Within these Boards

Tasks are created within boards in order to make sense of the work that needs to be done. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or left unassigned.

Three things worth noting:

  • Correspondence within tasks is as simple as texting.
  • Members of tasks will receive email alerts (should they opt) highlighting any updates to tasks.
  • Tasks can be archived once completed.

Arrange the Tasks, If Need Be, According to Importance

Our color coded task board allows for the simple arrangement of tasks.

Four things worth noting:

  • If a hierarchy of task importance exists within a board, arrange the tasks accordingly.
  • Sub levels of importance can be created to help with the order of operations.
  • If a hierarchy does not exist, the colors can be seen as simply an aesthetic pleasing to the users' eyes.
  • Tasks, once completed, can be archived for reference. Archives offer data for accountability, process iteration, and organizational self learning.

A Brief Video Introduction to Arrangedly

Yes, it is simple; and yes, it can be learned by anyone in minutes!

Arrangedly Tutorial (1 of 3)

Board Creation

Arrangedly Tutorial (2 of 3)

Building Task Cards

Arrangedly Tutorial (3 of 3)

A Look at Some Advanced Features

Ready to See if Arrangedly Works for You?